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Take a closer look at our maintenance cleaning service

• Maintenance cleaning in all areas Cleaning of floor coverings and surfaces (textile and non-textile)

• Hygienic cleaning in the sanitary area (wall tiles, floor coverings, sanitary facilities, mirrors, etc.)

• Hygienic cleaning in the kitchen area (tiles and fittings, putting the dishwasher in and out, etc.)

• Cleaning of computer, telephone and office equipment

• Cleaning of inventory and furniture

• Laundry services home help

• Laundry and curtain cleaning

• Spot removal punctually or carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning leather care

Did you know?

The maintenance cleaning is defined in this country as repetitive cleaning work after specified intervals.

The cleaning work can be done daily, weekly, monthly or even at the intervals individually requested by the customer.

Day-to-day maintenance

A variety of services may be included in the day-to-day maintenance of an office, such as collecting used dishes, cleaning desks and desks, cleaning doors, filing cabinets and wardrobes, and cleaning light switches, glass doors and mirrors, computer screens, etc.

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities in offices are also cleaned daily. This includes soaking brushes and cleaning the brush holders. The toilets are brushed, the basin and lid are wet-washed and disinfected, etc.

Kitchen included

The dishwasher must be opened and put into operation, as well as the dishes must be cleaned after daily flushing. Added to this are the damp cleaning of the kitchen furniture and the wiping of the floors


If required, the suction of the upholstered furniture and wet cleaning of the chair legs as well as the internal cleaning of the kitchen cabinets and cooling systems can also be carried out.

Maintenance cleaning: What is included?

As a rule, maintenance cleaning includes the following activities:

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Cleaning the interior

This includes wet wiping desks, maintaining computer equipment, cleaning doors, radiators, light switches and window sills.

Sucking upholstered furniture and cleaning office chairs also fall into this area of responsibility.

Emptying, disposing and cleaning the ashtray and trash bin, taking into account the waste separation. Removal of cobwebs and finger marks.

Cleaning the sanitary areas

These include the hygienic cleaning of urinals, toilets, sinks and mirrors.

Add to that the cleaning of the wall tiles and the wiping of the floor.

Further tasks include the filling of consumables such as towels and toilet paper as well as the emptying of trash cans.

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General cleaning

Cleaning the floors, so sweeping and wiping or vacuuming.