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Want the best looking garden in the street? Our team can help.

The trained gardeners of IRS Facility take good care of your garden!

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In the entire and the adjacent areas, we take care of all maintenance work such as lawn care, tree and shrubbery, protect your garden reliably before winter and plant it in time in spring.

With a skilled hand, your garden will be maintained so that your enjoyment of the garden will last all year round.

You determine the nursing variants and intervals. If you wish you can order garden maintenance on call or by subscription.

We take care of this by tree maintenance, clearing, rootstock milling, turf maintenance, fertilization, fruit tree cutting, maintenance of perennials and shrubs, weed removal, crop protection, hedge trimming and other service work that includes, for example, the care around the swimming pool.

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Garden maintenance 3

All of these services are professionally carried out by us, so that your garden can be kept longer than usual and your flowers, plants and trees will not dry up or be attacked by other diseases.

How often we come to you for garden maintenance is entirely up to you, but it should be done on a regular basis so that you can really see the results.

Our gardening services include:

Garden maintenance 4

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance 5

Garden clearance

Garden maintenance 6

Pressure washing

Garden maintenance 7

Lawn care

Garden maintenance 8

Tree surgery