Expert Construction cleaning

Rely on a thorough and professional building cleaning and let professionals work for you.

Construction cleaning creates clean conditions on your construction site. New equipment, conversions and renovations often involve the use of heavy equipment: roughing, drilling and masonry are the causes of heavy soiling. However, these must be removed with great care so as not to damage the newly created building fabric with its different surfaces.

The trained specialists of IRS Facility carefully integrate their cleaning work in the construction processes and take care not to disturb the procedures and tightly timed schedules.

Individual services or full service, with our quality concept you can rely on a reliable construction cleaning. The construction cleaning is classically divided into the phases of construction-site cleaning, interim cleaning and construction cleaning.

Construction cleaning 1

Cleaning tasks

• Window cleaning including floor and frame

• Facade cleaning (glass, metal, etc.)

• Ceiling cleaning

• Furniture cleaning

• Sanitary room cleaning

• Floor cleaning

• and much more…

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